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TEQNATION 2018 The Future is Open – Aftermovie

What a day! All the rooms were packed with an enthusiastic crowd, the conference floor generated an incredible energy that radiated all over the event and speakers were cheered as if they were world-class artists. Have you been here too and want to relive the TEQNATION feeling or unfortunately missed out and are you curious […]

J-Fall 2014 Speaker James Weaver – Creating Our Robot Overlords

Who wants a mindless drone? Teach it to “think,” and it can do so much more. But how do you take it from Toy Story to Terminator? This session’s speaker discusses a new open source library, Autonomous4j, for autonomous drone development. Combining this library and some components from his mad science toolkit, he’ll demonstrate how […]

J-Fall 2015 Speaker Alexander Schwartz – Good for Karma: Configuration at Runtime

Applications need configuration data: for addresses for their neighboring systems and what options are active. What if changes would be possible at runtime: Without maintenance windows for all nodes in the cluster and new functions can be activated without re-deployment? Once configuration at runtime has been implemented, it makes the lives of application owners, developers, […]

J-Fall 2015 Speaker Gerke Kok – Identity and Access Management in the 21st century

Java EE applicaties zijn vaak afgeschermd. Iedereen heeft wel eens te maken gehad met identificatie van gebruikers. Het is heel verleidelijk om een simpel tabelletje te maken met username en wachtwoord. Maar dan begint het werk pas. Is het wel veilig? En wat als men het wachtwoord vergeten is? Kunnen we niet met Facebook inloggen? […]

J-Fall 2017 Speaker Bas Peters – Inner Source: practices of open source used internally

More and more organisations adopt open source principles to build software. They recognise that open source projects are a productive and successful way of delivering high quality code that solves complex business problems. These organisations allow their developers to share their work without boundaries, require code reviews to be focussed and open to everyone in […]

J-Fall 2017 Speakers Dalibor Topic, Robert Scholte & Uwe Schindler – Working with JDK 9 in Practice

With the JDK 9 GA release, more developers are starting to explore how their code builds and runs with JDK 9. In this panel, leading developers of some of the most popular open source projects (Apache Lucene & Apache Maven) will discuss their experiences making their projects’ code ready for JDK 9 and Project Jigsaw. […]

J-Fall 2016 Speaker James Strachan – Develop faster with an open source microservices platform

These days time to value is critical. We all need to develop better software and to get it to customers faster. The quicker the software gets to customers, the more iterations and feedback then the more value we create. Continuous Delivery of Containerized Microservices is the best approach today for developing better software and iterating […]

Aftermovie Open Tech Day 2017

Aftermovie Open Tech Day 2017