J-Fall 201637 Videos

J-Fall 2016 Speaker Pascal Snippen & Rene Boere – Quintor Keynote: Mindblowing: 40+ node PI cluster

Met een Raspberry PI kan alles toch? Dat dachten wij ook. Dus besloten we het grootste Java gebaseerd overheids IT project te porten naar een 40+ node PI cluster. Dit is geen simpele demo applicatie maar deze applicatie wordt gebruikt door meer dan 1 miljoen gebruikers en heeft de gebruikelijke hardware en software requirements dat […]

J-Fall 2016 Speaker Tom Eugelink – One application to rule them all

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could write a mobile app and a desktop app with a single code base. Yes, of course there are HTML based solutions, and they work as well, but maybe you also find developing in HTML, CSS and JavaScript just frustrating as I do. I want to work in an […]

J-Fall 2016 Speaker Gaurav Chopra – API: A Disruptive New Technology

Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) are fast evolving and becoming the new channel to enhance business. Organizations cutting across business lines are in the process of adopting API’s in their day-to-day business, to ensure they are able to quickly provide innovative products and services in a secured eco-system. API’s are the key to bring business at […]

J-Fall 2016 Speaker Sander Mak & Paul Bakker – Java 9 modularity in action

With Java 9, modularity comes to your doorstep (whether you ordered it or not). This isn’t your average language feature: making the most out of it may involve rewiring your brain. In this session we explore the benefits of a modular codebase using Java 9 modules. Because who doesn’t like more reliable and secure applications, […]

J-Fall 2016 Speaker Arnout Engelen – Trace Deeper: Stack Unwinding

The JVM provides amazing tools to find out what’s going on inside it, allowing you to profile and trace your application, set breakpoint and debug. In the end the JVM itself is also just another program running on your machine. As such you can inspect it with low-level tools such as the GNU Project Debugger. […]

J-Fall 2016 Speaker Alexander Chatzizacharias & Erik Pronk – Developing VR apps in Java

Virtual reality is one of the most discussed emerging technologies of the past years. Especially in 2016, which marked the release of the first consumer VR headsets. Game developers all over the world are making awesome games for VR and companies are searching for cool new solutions using VR. Arguably the most used VR platform […]

J-Fall 2016 Speaker Robert Scholte – Java 9 and the impact on Maven projects

Sinds 2014 zijn er early access releases beschikbaar van Java9 en vorig jaar zijn daar de jigsaw releases aan toegevoegd. Met name jigsaw zal van grote invloed zijn op Java projecten door de introductie van modules. Het is nu de beurt aan de IDEs en buildtools om aan te sluiten op deze wijzigingen en om […]

J-Fall 2016 Speaker Peter Hendriks – RxJava from the Trenches

RxJava maakt het mogelijk om gemakkelijk schaalbare code op een reactive manier te schrijven. Het kan echter ook een uitdaging zijn om de code leesbaar te maken, en kunnen debuggen wat er gebeurt. Deze sessie beschrijft onze ervaringen met het inzetten van RxJava als basis-onderdeel in onze codebase: een suite educatieve applicaties voor basis-, voortgezet- […]

J-Fall 2016 Speaker Peter Hilton – Documentation avoidance for developers

However good your code, other people never seem to get it. Instead they ruin your day (and your productivity) by asking questions and expecting documentation. You need to know how to explain code without getting stuck in meetings or spending half your time on the only thing you hate more than meetings: writing documentation. Instead, […]